Comprehensive Music Lessons

Clavier Music & Art offers both practical and theoretical music lessons.

Whether it is to inspire the little ones for taking their first steps on a musical journey, preparing for exams, excel in school bands, or simply for the pure joy of playing music, we understand that it takes different methods, materials and approaches to make things work.

We offer music lessons for piano, violin, viola, flute, and clarinet. 

Our lessons include: practical lessons, music theory, ensemble, AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) examinations, TCL (Trinity College London) violin examinations, and HSC Music practical repertoire preparation.

Material & Syllabus

The right material for the right student

At Clavier Music & Art, our team of esteemed teachers filter through countless music education resources available on the market to handpick the right learning materials for your child.

We aim to ensure our students enjoy learning while achieving their best musical potential.

While our all-rounded teaching approach aims to improve student’s practical skills, we also believe in the importance of sight-reading and aural skills, as well as general knowledge in music history.

CMA’s Team of Educators

Knowledge delivered by one, developed by many.

Our teachers conduct one-to-one lessons, however our persistence in working as a team enabled us to offer learning materials tried-and-tested by members of the Clavier’s teaching faculty, providing our students with a broader learning experience.

Clavier Music & Art sources qualified music educators from professional music institutions in Australia and worldwide. 

Our dedicated teachers boast educational backgrounds from esteemed music institutions, including the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney, the Australian Institute of Music, the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, and Trinity College London.

Results & Achievements

At CMA, work hard = play hard

We believe that good results are achieved when our young musicians enjoy what they do and put in good effort.

Clavier’s students consistently achieve excellent AMEB exam results every year.

Our teachers monitor student progress closely, and our exam candidates go through an internal trial exam and receive feedback before going for their actual exams.

Exam Centre

Certified AMEB exam centre

Clavier Music & Art is a registered examination centre for AMEB practical examinations. 

Our students enjoy the advantage of sitting for their practical exams at our school, saving their parents time and hassle of travelling into the Sydney CBD for music exams.

Clavier’s students have the advantage of practising on the exam piano prior to their exam date, and enjoy sitting for their exams in the familiar surroundings of the school.

Lessons We Offer

The popular first instrument

Physical art with great traditions

Instrument with a sound closest to the human voice

Oldest known musical instrument in the world