The flute has now achieved such perfection and evenness of tone that no further improvement remains to be desired.

– HECTOR BERLIOZ (1803 – 1869)

The flute is a beautiful and extremely versatile instrument. At CMA, we tailor our flute lessons according to the learning needs of our students.

Our young flautists have consistently achieved commendable results in their AMEB practical exams. Our dedicated flute teacher has researched and developed a number of short courses for students to gain understanding in general knowledge on music history and theory.

CMA flute students have the opportunity to learn in a professionally fitted classroom complete with a piano and a mirror for posture learning and correction.

Accompanied rehearsals and accompanists are readily available to all our AMEB flute exam candidates.

Available lesson slots are limited, enquire immediately to avoid disappointment.

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The world’s oldest musical instrument (40,000 BCE)