Clavier Music & Art

Specialised music and art school based in Hurstville, Sydney

Our Mission

Some people only dream of meeting their favourite musicians. We teach ours.

Based in Hurstville, Sydney, Clavier Music & Art (CMA) is a specialised music & art school. We provide professionally-taught music lessons and art classes.

Founded in 2005, CMA is widely recognised as one of the best music and art schools in Hurstville, Sydney. As we enter our 2nd decade in providing the finest music and art education, our young artists enjoy learning under the tutelage of our outstanding teaching faculty and have continuously achieve exceptional results.

At CMA, it is our mission to promote the importance of music and art in a child’s education, to develop artistic exploration and insight, and to support self-motivation and enjoyment in the education of creative arts.

We offer music lessons for piano, violin, viola, flute, and clarinet.

As every young artist has different needs and goals, we tailor lessons for each individual student so that they enjoy learning while maximising their potential.

Our art classes are designed to inspire and let children explore their creativity. Students are assigned into groups according to their prior knowledge and ability. All our art classes are strictly number-controlled to ensure students learn under full care and proper guidance.

Music Lessons

Professionally taught music lessons in Hurstville, Sydney.

Qualified Professionals

Accomplished music educators with a duty of care.

Materials & Syllabuses

The right material for the right student, whether you are preparing for exams, or just learning for fun.

Results & Accomplishments

Achieving significant progress and excellent exam grades.

Certified AMEB Exam Centre

The full process under one roof – from preparation to sitting for the exam itself.

Art Lessons

Inspiring art lessons to explore boundless creativity.

Inspiration & Exploration

Discover different art genres and develop creative skills to complete a variety of artworks.

Methodically Structured Course

Confidently learn to sketch, draw, paint, and create with other young artists.

Workshops & Exhibitions

Special workshops and student artwork exhibitions held annually to encourage artistic output.

Large, Well-Equipped Studio

Spacious air-conditioned studio fully-equipped with essential art materials and tools.

What's On

March 6, 2020

COVID-19: CMA Preventive Measures

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, here are some of the preventive measures which Clavier Music & Art has taken to-date:   Making Contact Before the start of term…
Clavier Music & Art, Art Exhibition, Art Class, Art Lesson, HurstvilleArtEvent
November 1, 2019

Art Exhibition 2019

Bravo and super proud of our little artists! Held on the 28th September 2019, the CMA Art Exhibition showcased some of the best artworks of our students. We are humbled…
piano recital, cello recital, violin recital, clarinet lesson, ensemble, performance, piano lesson, cello lesson, clarinet lesson, violin lesson, HurstvilleEventMusic
November 1, 2019

Annual Concert 2019

Whether you are a musician or not, music is at the heart of everyone’s daily lives. The CMA annual concerts have always been held with the hopes of providing our…

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