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On behalf of our teaching faculty, thank you AMEB NSW for awarding Clavier Music & Art with the Teaching Award for Most Outstanding Music School (Preliminary to Grade 6).

As a small family-run music and art school in Hurstville, it is both exciting and humbling to be acknowledged for our teachers and students’ amazing efforts. We thank our teachers for sharing their knowledge and love of music and dedicate their time for our students week in week out, and we are glad that our students have benefited from the lessons and achieved excellent results.

We are blessed with immense support from the students’ parents and guardians, who provided the chance to experience and learn the wonder of music. The opportunities they provide for their children truly enrich their musical journey, offering them a well-rounded education.

We have witnessed and supported the dedication of our hardworking students, and their efforts have been truly inspiring. Their continued practice has improved their understanding and appreciation of music, and we hope to lead them forward and make it as rewarding as it can be.

This token of recognition will be an encouragement for us to keep striving for excellence in music education and learning. We will continue to dedicate ourselves in music education for our local community.

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