Playing (the cello) lifts you out of yourself into a delirious place.

– JACQUELINE DU PRÉ (1945 – 1987)

The cello, originally known as the violoncello, is the latest music instrument available at Clavier Music & Art. Admired for its warm, mellow and rich tones, the cello is suitable for both adults and children to learn and enjoy.

Patience is key

As with any other string instrument, the beginning stages involve learning the correct sitting posture and ways to hold the bow. When learning the cello, not much is spoon-fed to you by the instrument itself (when compared to a piano), so you would need a teacher guiding you through the correct ways of playing. Pair that with regular practise and an enthusiasm to learn, you could become a good cellist.

Instrument care

Be prepared to help your child with caring for a cello – being the second largest bowed string instrument, most children need help with handling and transporting a cello. Cello strings and hairs on the bow will need regular upkeep.
We believe that a patient and dedicated teacher makes all the difference for beginner cellists. As part of our growing string department, CMA cello teachers are ready to guide both adults and children towards a rewarding musical journey.

CMA now offers cello syllabuses in AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board).

Accompanied rehearsals and accompanists are readily available to all our AMEB cello exam candidates.
We welcome you for a trial lesson even if you do not currently own a cello – CMA has cellos in a range of sizes ready for trial.

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