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COVID-19: CMA Preventive Measures

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In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, here are some of the preventive measures which Clavier Music & Art has taken to-date:


Making Contact

Before the start of term 1, we have made contact with every parent from our school regarding their holiday travels.

Every student and staff member who has travelled to Category 1 countries during the summer holidays were required to take an absence from lessons for two weeks, and confirm their health status with us prior to resuming lessons.


Personal Hygiene

We have been providing free alcohol-based hand sanitisers at reception for all students to use. Students are requested to thoroughly wash or sanitise their hands before and after their lesson.


Sanitary Measures

All of our studios are sanitised with hospital-grade disinfectant spray at the end of each day, and our hard surfaces (including piano keys, door handles) are wiped down with disinfectant wipes.


Tissues and Disposals

Tissues are readily available for students, and we request that all used tissues be disposed into the school bin, which is cleared at the end of each day.


Illness and Recovery

We advise all students and staff who are feeling unwell to stay home and recover before resuming lessons.


Covid-19 Policy

Please refer to our up-to-date Covid-19 policy here.


We would like to thank all our students and parents for their continuous support and cooperation during this difficult time, and we wish everyone strength and good health as we all survive this crisis together as a community.

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