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Celebrate All Things Wolfgang

Teachers at Clavier Music & Art are proud to introduce our 2017 Term 2 ‘special guest’: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!


Our exclusive in-school event ‘MOZART MADNESS’ aims to share our love and knowledge on “all things Wolfgang”, and to engage our students with the socio-cultural and historical context of the music that they are learning and performing.

Witness the roll-out of our special event across the next 10 weeks, fun activities include:

  1. FREE Mozart Booklet(for ages 4 & up, includes Mozart’s story, Q&A section, Mozart word search & more! Visit us to get your copy!)
  2. School notice board displaying Mozart’s life story (FREE admission – do you know how Mozart’s parents look like?)
  3. Mozart Trivia Quiz (open to all CMA students)
  4. Mozart Colouring Contest (open to CMA students 4-10yo)
  5. Learning and performing Mozart compositions (ask your teacher for your Mozart piece!)
  6. Mozart dress up photo-booth (coming soon!)
  7. Mozart fun facts featured on our Facebook wall (stay tuned!)
  8. A chance to win 1 of 6 handmade Mozart dolls! (RRP AU$120+)

Contact us if you would like to be part of the Clavier family and join in the fun!

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